Bluebird Theater

About Bluebird Theater

The Bluebird Theater was built in 1913 and originally named after the prominent Denver grocer and druggist, John Thompson. The theater was renamed in 1922 and became an important part of the community. The theater was also initially a movie house and went through various phases over the years. In 1994, Chris Swank and a business partner invested in the Bluebird and it re-opened as a mecca for music that you know today.

The theater is laid out in tiers with a balcony overlooking the entire space.
In 2006, AEG Live took over the Bluebird Theater and made significant upgrades to the production aspects of the room.

The Bluebird Theater is operated by AEG Live. AEG Live, the live-entertainment division of Los Angeles-based AEG, is dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary music performance, touring for a variety of programming, and multi-media production. AEG Live, the nation’s second-largest concert promotion and touring company, is comprised of special event, broadcast and exhibition divisions, fourteen regional offices, and numerous state-of-the-art venues nationwide. (

Shows at the Venue

FOXTRAX’s first trip through Denver was a success.

Indie Rock Trio, FOXTRAX, had Ben Schneid on Vocals and Guitar, Jared Stenz on Bass and Jon Stenz on Drums. They are following their path, promoting their debut EP, The Cabin, and finishing up a tour with Barns Courtney. Music listeners at the Bluebird Theater in Denver on Saturday night dug their groove. Read more about the show here.

Denver received a special treat in the dynamic duo of Beaux Cheveux on Friday, Nov 1.

The new project of the incredibly talented and rock-a-licious Adrian Conner of Hell’s Belles (Angus Young AC/DC) and Clementine of Zepparella (Bonzo/Led Zeppelin) took to the stage at The Bluebird Theatre. The pair opened for none other than the massively popular Hell’s Belles and brought an impressive set of brand-new music along with their dynamically dueling stage presence. Clementine took the audience through a melodic journey as Conner does what she does best, kick ass on the guitar. They captivated lovers of the Belles and kicked off the night just right. Be sure to stick close to these two, you won’t want to miss what they are working on next. Read more here.

Positive vibes and strong voices were abundant at Bluebird Theater on Sunday night as Colorado musicians Dave Tamkin and Megan Burtt opened up the evening for Brendan James.

Dave Tamkin (Decibel Sound Company) captured the audience’s attention with some light humor and a fantastic display of musical abilities. Tamkin showcased his Acoustic Rock and powerful presence on stage. He also flashed brilliance on a harmonica and an incredible command of some cool looping. Read more here.