About The Soiled Dove Underground

The Soiled Dove Underground is in a state-of-the-art building in the heart of the Lowry Landmark Urban Community. Long-heralded as one of Denver’s premier locations to see a concert, the Soiled Dove has a reputation for bringing quality acts to Denver. The room is configured with three levels of tiered seating arranged in a semicircle facing the stage and generous dance floor. With each seat no more than 45 feet from the stage, the Dove is Denver’s intimate concert experience. Appetizers & cocktails are available to enjoy during shows. In addition to live music performances, the venue is also known as a unique space for large private events. (http://www.tavernhg.com/soiled-dove/faqs)

Shows at the Venue

Jason Eady is an incredible talent and he’s ticked off. Jason Eady (www.jasoneady.com) turned 40 years old and he’s out on the road making a living. He’s seen Country Music’s nosedive where talent-less young pop stars are taking over country radio and filling stadiums. He explained that fans come out in droves to hear what they like; Eady just wants the Country label back. Eady is a true country music musician with a Classic County sound. He sings drinking songs, leaving songs, and songs about lying. Read more here. 

Wednesday night was the second of two nights at The Soiled Dove Underground featuring songstress Morgan James. The summer’s heat brought a brutal day to Denver, the first of several to come this summer. Ripples of heat waves on burning asphalt, many sought the confines of air conditioned rooms and late suppers on the terrace. In one of these deep and dark rooms, just below The Tavern at Lowry, The Soiled Dove Underground is a haven where the coolness of the air matches the coolness of the vibe. The room is filling up as lines form equally at the bar and the merchandise table, and all are ready to be crooned and serenaded by a voice as versatile as it is lovely. Read more here. 

Tyrone Wells is a well of depth and emotion as he brought songs of melancholy, hope and joy to The Soiled Dove Underground on Wednesday May 16. The Denver stop was part of his several month long national tour, and as he is winding down during its last leg, he didn’t appear weary or tired. Instead, refreshed and full of life, he brought a beautiful set of love songs and stories of family and endless endurance of his faith in humanity. Read more here.