About The Walnut Room

The intimate concert venue has become a second home for the best local entertainment, as well as some of the hottest national touring acts, including Iron & Wine, Jeff Austin & Brendan Bayliss, The Legendary Pink Dots, John Lee Hooker Jr., Albert Lee, Ingrid Michaelson, The Flobots, Junior Brown, Jolie Holland, Jewel, Chris Isaak & The Fray.

Tech Specs…

Console: Soundcraft MH3, 8 sub, 12 aux, 4×8 matrix
Mains: EAW AX366 tops, FR250z (4) subs, all QSC power
Monitors: 6 discreet mixes, 8 Yamaha SM15 boxes, dbx 2231 graphic EQ, QSC power
Outboard: 4 channels dbx 31 band EQ, 12 channels dbx compression, 6 channels of gates, Yamaha Rev 500, TC Electronics D-Two
DI’s: Countrymen, Pro-Co., Radial (6 total)
Mics: Shure, Sennhieser, Audio Technica. (all cables and stands included)
Lighting: 9 LED Cans; Elation Showdesigner 1 controller
Playback: iPod, CD, DVD, Satellite
Video: Epson projector, 13 X 10 screen; Standard VGA or DVi Input (for presentations).
All equipment installed and optimized for the room


Shows at the Venue

Playing his second show on the Seth Walker U.S. Winter Tour 2018, Walker and his band mates captivated the crowd at the Walnut Room in Denver on Friday night. Slinging Americana & Blues sounds out of Austin, TX, the New Orleans native Walker shared his marvelous vibrations and sterling stories with the audience. One story explained that Walker and his music could be put in a Catchy genre as well. His music was infectious and had onlookers whooping and hollering as well as dancing around, feeling the groove. Read more here. 

4/15/17; dBSound.CO, Kevin Mileski, Brian Allison at The Walnut Room

HomeVibe brought together a group of amazing musicians with Chicago connections on Saturday night at The Walnut Room in Denver.

Read more here. 

The final spring storm of the year didn’t deter the crowd as a packed house at The Walnut Room offered a reprieve from the cold Saturday. Last night on the intersection of Denver and RiNo, The Walnut Room offers a venue equally known for the delicious cuisine and spirits as it is for it’s beautiful music room tucked away in the back. The space was full of excitement and roaring conversation of music lovers anticipating the appearance of two esteemed favorites, Daphne Willis and DickieRead more here.